July 19, 2013

Its Raining Discounts in Online Super Malls

Bargaining for most women is the favorite part in shopping. It is more like a power-play between the shopper and the shop keeper depending on who has the last laugh. For ages, roadside shopping has meant active bargaining and in most cases the shopkeepers have given in to the fierce bargaining trends. And, when it comes to discounts, there's no stopping for the shoppers who believe in the "shop till you drop concept." They will pounce in anywhere just at the glimpse of a discount board. Bringing these vital concept of bargaining and discounts into play, the new age shopping plazas have chalked out their strategies of increasing their sales. They either declare such mouth-watering discounts or jaw dropping schemes of free gifts on a certain amounted purchase, that the story of bargaining is on its way to extinction.
With little room for tantrums, the buyers love their modern day reasonable shopping places, however, the speedy life changing its gear every now and then has become more like a speed breaker for the active shoppers who hardly find time after their busy work and family schedules. To mold the saying, necessity is indeed the mother of all innovations, the brick and mortar stores have upgraded themselves to find web spaces to showcase their products and schemes. In fact, some of the virtual stores are solely operating online or through teleshopping facilities. One such acclaimed name is starcj alive, with a website and a teleshopping platform to its kitty.

The virtual and television shopping platforms these days offer amazing schemes where the buyers get a coffer full of free gifts on their purchases. The concept of reward points or free gifts on shopping of a certain amount is a common one and even the e commerce portals are not left behind. In this competition for innovation and upscale customer facilities some web super stores have 30 day return policies, while some others have easy EMI schemes, preventing to blast a hole in your pocket. Starcj and many similar online shopping portals offer a treasury of branded products at great prices and make your home a mini-luxury zone.

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